AGONY AUNT Day: The BSM March – Should I march if I only partly agree?

Today I launch my “Agony Aunt Day”: As part of a new series I created because I have been deluged by questions that I receive from Twitter followers and comments on my blog, I have… Continue reading


Concordia The old lion moved across the plains. Over his shoulder he saw his constant companions of late, a pack of hyenas, jogging along behind him, their pace synced to his. The game… Continue reading

A Leper Can’t Change His Socks

Ron Gourlay, CEO of Chelsea F.C. Ron Gourlay has 2 jobs at Chelsea F.C.: he is Chief Executive and he is Chief Sacker. He sacks Abramovich’s managers for him. Usually, he just has… Continue reading

“6-1? No thanks. We’ll stick with 5-2.” And…”Theo, let’s work this thing out”

This is a blog about Theo but it may take the scenic route to get there. We will get to Theo soon enough, my pretties. And before we get started I would like… Continue reading

Ja, aber mein Beutelmaus hat verstopfung

Here is an excerpt from a previous blog on the topic of not topping ourselves: Step Back From The Ledge, Gooners Fellow Gooners, throw away the nooses, flush the pills down the toilet… Continue reading

And Reading sang “Robin van Persie…is laughing at this”

@henrywinter: Reading fans serenading AFC fans with: “Robin van Persie…is laughing at this” and “you’re getting thumped on the telly” Well fuck me green! Now that’s what I call a game. It was… Continue reading

A Tactical Analysis of the Norwich Game – What Went Wrong and How To Fix It

I am generally not known for blogging about tactics. I suspect many think I am just a joker, and that my blogs are full of gags and gimmicks – a disposable, cheap thrill.… Continue reading

50 Shades of Blue. Starring John Terry.

MATURE RATING: First off, here is a warning before you read this blog. It is rude, crude, lewd and offensive. You have been warned. This was NOT a joke. You have been warned… Continue reading

Prediction: Wenger Will Get His Pep For His Replacement

There has been much twittery about the succession of Arsene over the last 6 or 12 months as Steve Bould has been brought to the assistant manager spot, while the ever tantalizing Pep… Continue reading

Partying Like it’s 1999. Defending like it’s 2011.

Oh, wasn’t Sunday marvelous. There was so much to enjoy, and not least the fact that we, in Goonerland, saw ourselves as at least co-favourites before the match. Just take that in for… Continue reading