Steve Bould’s Infamous Team Talk Released

Video  of the infamous Steve Bould “Team Talk” following Arsenal’s humiliating capitulation has been leaked. Confidential! Do NOT share…

AGONY AUNT Day: The BSM March – Should I march if I only partly agree?

Today I launch my “Agony Aunt Day”: As part of a new series I created because I have been deluged by questions that I receive from Twitter followers and comments on my blog, I have… Continue reading


Concordia The old lion moved across the plains. Over his shoulder he saw his constant companions of late, a pack of hyenas, jogging along behind him, their pace synced to his. The game… Continue reading

A Leper Can’t Change His Socks

Ron Gourlay, CEO of Chelsea F.C. Ron Gourlay has 2 jobs at Chelsea F.C.: he is Chief Executive and he is Chief Sacker. He sacks Abramovich’s managers for him. Usually, he just has… Continue reading

“6-1? No thanks. We’ll stick with 5-2.” And…”Theo, let’s work this thing out”

This is a blog about Theo but it may take the scenic route to get there. We will get to Theo soon enough, my pretties. And before we get started I would like… Continue reading

Ja, aber mein Beutelmaus hat verstopfung

Here is an excerpt from a previous blog on the topic of not topping ourselves: Step Back From The Ledge, Gooners Fellow Gooners, throw away the nooses, flush the pills down the toilet… Continue reading

And Reading sang “Robin van Persie…is laughing at this”

@henrywinter: Reading fans serenading AFC fans with: “Robin van Persie…is laughing at this” and “you’re getting thumped on the telly” Well fuck me green! Now that’s what I call a game. It was… Continue reading

A Tactical Analysis of the Norwich Game – What Went Wrong and How To Fix It

I am generally not known for blogging about tactics. I suspect many think I am just a joker, and that my blogs are full of gags and gimmicks – a disposable, cheap thrill.… Continue reading

50 Shades of Blue. Starring John Terry.

MATURE RATING: First off, here is a warning before you read this blog. It is rude, crude, lewd and offensive. You have been warned. This was NOT a joke. You have been warned… Continue reading

Prediction: Wenger Will Get His Pep For His Replacement

There has been much twittery about the succession of Arsene over the last 6 or 12 months as Steve Bould has been brought to the assistant manager spot, while the ever tantalizing Pep… Continue reading