Monthly Archive: April, 2013

it’s Not The Defense, Stoopid.

Quizes are very popular these days. I think I’ll run one. Okay. Here goes: Q1: Arsenal are shit at defending. Correct? A) True B) False C) Marshmallows are tasty Q2: What place does… Continue reading

3 Points, Bitches… round up.

Hmmm. The Sunday Times is talking about replacing our Arsene, a man that looks this good in a suit, with a man who did this during an international tournament? What might he do when… Continue reading

Poznan In My Pants Time Again

I’ve been reading/seeing some really interesting stuff recently. Much of it you may have seen. Hopefully a lot of it you didn’t. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here’s… Continue reading

The Man Who Should Never Have Worn The Shirt

So, I’ve been thinking for a little while that Gervinho reminds me of a certain fighter aircraft, specifically the Eurofighter. A few things stick out in my memory about the Eurofighter. It was… Continue reading