“BEGINNER’S MIND. OR IF LOVING HECTOR IS WRONG…” There is an idea in Zen Buddhism called Shoshin, or Beginner’s Mind. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert’s there… Continue reading

What Xavi and Coquelin Teach Us About Scanning For Space

Every time you turn around these days there’s Xavi Hernandez talking about how great he is at scanning. Like here: “I spent my life searching for it…Where is there space? I was nicknamed… Continue reading

Why Xhaka’s Apology Was More An Apologia

I wanted to write this piece on Tuesday but I just didn’t have time till today. It might have seemed prescient then. My theory was that there wouldn’t be much of an apology,… Continue reading

5 Reasons Our Attack, 5 Reasons Our Midfield, 5 Reasons Our Defence Will Be MUCH Better This Season

Well, I was planning on having 5 reasons for each area but the reasons just kept coming. So… 30+ Reasons This Season Will Be Better than Last Season? Midfield Dani Ceballos is a… Continue reading


A spirited and dynamic performance, a Lacazette worldie of a goal, and the emphatic Man Of The Match performance of our returned Captain, Laurent Koscielny, saw Arsenal down the Chavs 2-0. It sets… Continue reading

Who Do I Need To Blow Around Here?

You can have your Arsenal back. I just want my Sven back. I just finished listening to Amy Lawrence on the Guardian Football podcast and something she said crystallized a thought for me.… Continue reading

Unai Emery…He’s One Of Our Own

A quick word of warning. This blog is more about me being a bit of a racist than it is about Arsenal. So…I was watching the Boreham Wood game, and just as it… Continue reading

Club Announces Rube Goldberg Emery. Plus Arsenal’s Coach Selection Process Exposed.

Breaking: How Rube Goldberg Became Arsenal Coach. Surprised the Emirates Chiefs? Emery blew their goddamn tits off. Listen up… Mikel Arteta headed out of the conference room pulling his packed travel case behind, a… Continue reading

Behold Excalibur. For it is mighty.

Right. Well that was a fucking awesome game. Tactically we were superb in that we won. And we changed some shit tactically which always looks cool when other teams do it and which… Continue reading

Mission Statement

Immediately after the United Chelsea result in the late afternoon of April 4th, every member of the squad received a mysterious but urgent call to assemble IMMEDIATELY at the London Colney training ground.… Continue reading