Monthly Archive: May, 2013

“Nearly There.” Why Gary Neville Must Be Stopped (Part Deux)

Today the Swiss Ramble and I will look at the veracity of Gary Neville’s recent statement. This one below. The fucking nerve of him: Did you ever get the feeling that we Gooners… Continue reading

Gary Knows: The GOBs vs The GKBs (Part Un)

The Neville Brothers I never thought I could ever possibly like any of the Neville brothers. The first 2 I encountered, I fucking detested: Phil and Gary. Apparently their dad’s name is Neville… Continue reading


BELIEVE… It took this team time to gel. We are not playing great football. But we are playing determined football. Many questioned this squad and continue to question it. But a number of… Continue reading

Squeaky Sphincter Time

Yes, it’s squeaky sphincter time, again folks. I saw a twitter friend having a mini meltdown after the Chelsea win over United this weekend. The gist of it was “How could Arsenal put… Continue reading