Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Balls Deep In Our Midfielders

It’s a funny old game, football. One minute your team is, by general media and public consensus, a bit shit, full of average players, extremely thin, and lacking the X-factor. Then the Summer brings new hope,… Continue reading

Hard Out There For A Pundit

Hard Out There For A Pundit “We’ve got a Big Effing German,” they sing at Arsenal. You know who else has a Big Effing German? Germany. So, Mr Pundit, you just discovered Mertesacker,… Continue reading

If Dortmund Played In The Premier League…Updated

This post was originally inspired by one of those tweets that lustily hinted that the tweeter/Gooner would gladly swap Klopp for Wenger and thereby turn Arsenal into Dortmund overnight. Yes, if only we… Continue reading

The Fires Of The Furnace

Follow @PoznanInMyPants I, like many of you, sensed early on that something different was afoot this year. This team had some metal to it beyond just playing good football. In fact, to be… Continue reading