Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Part Deux – How We Win – Kloppelganger

Follow @PoznanInMyPants Click here for the 1st part of this blog post : Part Un – Step Back From The Ledge, Gooners Making Sausage The summer transfer window is like making sausage. You don’t… Continue reading

Part Un – Step Back From The Ledge, Gooners

I wrote this 2 part blog over a week ago, but didn’t post it as I was too busy. It’s interesting to see how our mood as elevated in just the last week.… Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different #1

This post is a collage, a pot-pourri, a smorgasbord if you will of stuff I read, wrote or saw that tweaked by funny bone or my interest bone over the last few weeks.… Continue reading

FergBeth, Ferglet, Fergello or King Fearg?

I was following Miguel Delaney’s (@MiguelDelaney) TL over the weekend, a journalist I FULLY respect. Miguel has a history with Man United and has good contacts and certainly seems to have their pulse… Continue reading

Revolting Supporters Suffering from ‘Pitchfork Elbow’

It’s been a stressful last week or so for us Gooners. Everytime you turn around there’s an Open Letter from someone looking to “spin” the supporters and the media. Therefore, I thought I… Continue reading

Amy, Amy, Amy. Whatever will we do with you?

Fellow Gooners, over the last couple of days, I kept seeing this article being retweeted and referred to. Lots of people, including Tim Payton of the AST no less, were saying how once… Continue reading

The Horse Robin Rode In On

Right, I’m done talking about Robin. But, that horse of his… The Horse Robin Rode In On Arsenal supporters are united in searching all over town to locate the horse that Robin rode… Continue reading