FergBeth, Ferglet, Fergello or King Fearg?

I was following Miguel Delaney’s (@MiguelDelaney) TL over the weekend, a journalist I FULLY respect. Miguel has a history with Man United and has good contacts and certainly seems to have their pulse at the moment.

It was all about Man United’s situation and challenges. To be honest it made a pleasant diversion from Arsenal’s situation and challenges. And yet, the intersection and parallels were there to be seen.

Now, there was a lot of talk about RvP but that IS NOT what this post is about. Yes, Fergie wants RvP but it is very unlikely to happen. But what is interesting in all the chatter is what it tells us about the CHANGE in the state of things at Old Trafford, and in the overall power rankings of the Premier League and, therefore, world football.

So, let’s get started.  This is what I gleaned from MD’s TL:

Fergie wants to speed up the team and speed up the attack, hence his desire for Hazard, RvP and Modric. And hence, moving for Kagawa, whom he could afford.

The Glazers have effectively cut SAF’s budget by 80M annually. Just think what difference that would make in the PL and the CL. This has changed the entire recent history of the club. They are now on a level below MCFC, CFC, Real, Barca and now PSG for being able to attract talent. Otherwise…

Kagawa was affordable as his he was coming to the end of his contract.

Will SAF stick around? Yes, he wants to go out a winner.

Who are they working on, in order of likelihood:

SAF’s priorities were believed to be 1. Hazard 2. RvP 3. Modric

  1. Fact! Hazard was the top priority for SAF. SAF even gave him the guided tour of Old Trafford. Hazard’s shortlist was CFC, MUFC and MCFC. He dropped MCFC because we wasn’t offered a key role. MUFC and CFC both offered key role. SAF wanted Hazard to speed up his attack, playing centrally. CFC offered more money and of course won the CL.
  2. Baines – MD thinks this is likely to happen in the next 2 weeks. A mid-term replacement for Evra who will stay.
  3. Lucas Moura (Sao Paola, Brazil). Seen as a future World Calls player so wants to get him early while still affordable. Plays on the wing currently. MD sees this one as likely to happen. 33M is the asking price for Moura. Formal bid has just been put in by MUFC.
  4. Modric – looks unlikely but SAF is very keen. Modric wants Real Madrid first and 50M is too rich for SAF’s blood currently. Modric is the right age to have the experience to lead the MUFC midfield.
  5.  RvP – seen as very, very unlikely but SAF rates him highly. Would be seen as a bonus and a “Coup” against MCFC but SAF would first have to shift his expensive deadwood – Berbatov and Anderson – for whom there are no takers. And any City move would have to fall through obviously. When asked for further info, Miguel said he had more but needed to put it in the paper first. Though, he still thinks RvP interest is very real but very unlikely to happen.

Disclaimer: I don’t follow United at all, so apologies if I cocked up anything obvious. I’m much more interested in the Fergie/Wenger aspects of the story. I have pieced this together the best I could from a series of 140 character tweets that jumped around depending on who asked what. But I think I got it mostly correct.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think once again, that Fergie and Arsene have more in common with each passing season. I picture Fergie sitting in bed, fretting, glass of Scotch in hand, wondering if  10:30 pm is too late at night to give Arsene a call. Can anyone understand what they’ve been through better than the other? Not even their wives could. Who else could they trust? Who has been where they’ve been? Who has seen what they’ve seen?

It all has the sense of a Shakespearian drama unfolding slowly. An ageing king who’s powers are on the wane, struggling to hold his kingdom together while he searches for an heir, fighting off his foes who strengthen while he weakens, with the inevitability of his destruction looming ever closer.

Maybe a bit of King Lear – the dividing of his kingdom among his 3 daughters. Cordelia (Wenger) was the one he should have loved and trusted since he, ironically, believed in financial fair play, which would have meant Fergie was still King, but instead was the one he fell out with. While Regan and Goneril – City and Chelsea – are the ones who unscrupulously steal his kingdom out from under him.

Who is King Lear’s Fool?: The Fool in King Lear is the last and, at the same time, the noblest creation of the kind inShakespeare; he is by far the most intellectual and noblest of his fools. Two prevailing currents of feeling are conspicuous in the Fool. The first is his sorrow over Cordelia, to whom he is as faithful as a dog. ‘Since my young lady’s going into France, the Fool hath much ‘pined away.’ This sorrow is expressed by the merciless blows which, far exceeding his traditional privilege, he deals at the king for his folly in abdicating his crown, and for his lack of just appreciation of his youngest daughter.

Maybe a little of Hamlet’s madness

with Macbeth’s Scottish accent and Machiavellian dealings: “Out, out, damned Beckham, Keane, Berbatov and Anderson.”

and with Othello’s jealousy of Rooney.

Or perhaps I am once more reading just a little to much into my football.