Aaron Ramsey, Lord of The Overload

Lord of The Overload. Mathew 18:20 Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name – there shalt you find me in their midst. And the Lord spake further: “Let me be more… Continue reading

Fast Track For Jeff Reine-Adelaide (JRA)

Fast Track For Jeff Reine-Adelaide (JRA) That glorious sight when Jeff Reine-Adelaide first opened his legs, and we marveled at what we beheld. It was as though a new sun had appeared, more… Continue reading


Let’s Take Cazorla’s Midfield Spot Away From Him @DEANldn22 Dean started an interesting conversation on the twitters Sunday: Dean: “Thinking about our squad, and this may sound controversial, but I’d sell Cazorla if it… Continue reading


With the mood music decidedly more romantic for the possible re-signing of Theo Walcott (26), it’s time to consider just how effective a striker Theo can be, starting August 15th of next season. Spoiler: Here… Continue reading

Arteta’s Protégé. For Whom The Bell Tolls.

I love Mikel Arteta. I love him because I am not dead inside. “The diminutive Spaniard” is so talented that he made the transition from an attack-oriented midfielder to a stay-at-home, deep lying… Continue reading

Mesut Ozil – Lazy Like A Fox

That Ozil fella sure is lazy. Lazy like a fox. Here’s a typical Ozil heatmap (Everton, Mar 1, 2015.) The boy gets around. He also gets up and down. 11.61 km covered that… Continue reading

Shhhh! They Think It’s All Over, The Smug Bastards.

Shhhh! They Think It’s All Over, The Smug Bastards.  We’ve all heard the statistics. Blah, blah, blah…No team has won a Round Of 16 tie after losing the 1st leg since 1887. No team… Continue reading

Manchester City Scouting Report

Manchester City Scouting Report I’ve done a scouting report on Manchester City in preparation for the match this weekend at the Etihad. I’ve looked at form, roster and key players and have some… Continue reading

The Fastest Wing In World Football

On Sunday evening, Theo Walcott and Hector Bellerin started on the right wing for Arsenal against Hull City in the third round of the FA Cup. That may well be the Fastest Wing… Continue reading

In the land of the blogger, the one-eyed, banjo-picking blog-reader is king.

In the land of the blogger, the one-eyed banjo-picking blog-reader is king. It’s a funny old business, blogging. I spend at least half my time swearing I’m going to give it up or… Continue reading