The 1st Rule Of Mesut Özil Club…Or How I learned To Löw Jogi

The First Rule Of Mesut Özil Club: In an underground bunker basement stands Mesut Özil, dimly lit, encircled by a tough, intense and edgy crowd of wanna be warriors, hanging on his every… Continue reading

Don’t Cut The Red Wire. Don’t Touch A F*ck*ng Thing

Yes, it was only “Everton playing at home.” But still they put out a feared and respected set of players in attack, midfield and at wing-back on both sides. We had just played… Continue reading

The Premier League Title Is In Our Hands.

The Premier League Title Is In our Hands. Well, well, well. Hasn’t the old shit been hitting the old fan in Arsenal Land lately. Brother turned against brother, sister against sister, father against… Continue reading

Arsenal 3.0 is Espresso Arsenal

Arsenal 3.0 is Espresso Arsenal A rather depressing conversation happened among the analytics crowd today. The short version? City and particularly Arsenal have had the bottom fall out of the Shots and Shots-On-Target… Continue reading

LANS: Like A New Season

LANS All this moaning about LANS – Like A New Signing. I think you guys are missing the big picture here… We are simply resting a bunch of key players till January & February.… Continue reading

He Was Not Waving…

I THOUGHT HE WAS WAVING I thought he was waving, that man far from the shore. He waved and waved and waved some more or so it seemed to me. And when the… Continue reading

Teofilio Walchez

Strikers Come From South America I listened to Jens Lehman bemoaning the dearth of strikers in Germany, or rather, German strikers. There are none, he explained. We don’t produce them anymore. All we… Continue reading

The Evolution Of Santi Cazorla

Spines Come In All Shapes And Sizes I like Gary Neville. He is the best pundit of his type. But he’s very much from the Manchester United school of football. Which is fine.… Continue reading

Aaron Ramsey, Lord of The Overload

Lord of The Overload. Mathew 18:20 Where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name – there shalt you find me in their midst. And the Lord spake further: “Let me be more… Continue reading

Fast Track For Jeff Reine-Adelaide (JRA)

Fast Track For Jeff Reine-Adelaide (JRA) That glorious sight when Jeff Reine-Adelaide first opened his legs, and we marveled at what we beheld. It was as though a new sun had appeared, more… Continue reading