MunchArsène By Proxy

Arsenal Injury Crisis Update – Culprit Discovered It is set to be another season of frustration for Arsenal supporters. However, we can only hope this bitter brew we now sip will shortly have… Continue reading

Who’s YOUR Runt?

Who’s Your Runt? We all have our favourite players. It’s easy to love the best player in the squad. Too easy, in fact. That’s not what this piece is about. I’m more talking… Continue reading

That Arteta Fella Has A Lot Of Balls

That Arteta Fella Has A Lot Of Balls or A Review of Arteta’s Match-Winning Penalty against Everton How are you under pressure? What’s the most performance pressure you’ve ever been under? Yeah, me neither. So,… Continue reading

Hurricane Alex Is Coming To Town

This next blog is dedicated to @goonerdave66 for reasons that should be obvious: Hurricane Alex Alex as a Category 1 hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. (The Southampton Academy of storm regions.) Hurricane Alex was… Continue reading

Best Venus Fly Trap in the Premier League

Just to set the scene…So I had this debate with @shewore a couple of days ago. It was quite polite. Well, he was, anyway. I got grumpy a couple of times (most unlike… Continue reading

Mesut Ozil’s Sex Tape

via “Mesut Ozil has created 20.4% of Arsenal’s chances in the Premier League this season. The highest % of any EPL player.” With the scandalous release of that sex tape last week… Continue reading

Stockholm Syndrome

“Anyone who hasn’t enjoyed watching Arsenal in the last few years, especially at home, can’t really like football much.” – Nick Hornby, 2009. Bloody hell. Napoli, City, Chelsea then West Ham. Only 20… Continue reading

Schrödinger’s Midfielder

Trevor Francis, Commentator for the Arsenal vs Cardiff match: “It’s a joy to watch the best midfield in the country.” Tony Jones, Commentator for the Cardiff match: “It is one of the toughest… Continue reading

Balls Deep In Our Midfielders

It’s a funny old game, football. One minute your team is, by general media and public consensus, a bit shit, full of average players, extremely thin, and lacking the X-factor. Then the Summer brings new hope,… Continue reading

Hard Out There For A Pundit

Hard Out There For A Pundit “We’ve got a Big Effing German,” they sing at Arsenal. You know who else has a Big Effing German? Germany. So, Mr Pundit, you just discovered Mertesacker,… Continue reading