You Snooze, You Lose.

You Snooze, You Lose.

Football is a tough, unforgiving, and may I add, unfair sport. Olivier really shouldn’t have broken his foot on that ball. Just like with a goalie, you never want to give up the #1 spot because you may never get it back. And for Sanogo, he may rue his misses against Leicester for a long old time.

Cos Dan’s now the Man. Danny’s the Manny. Daniel’s the Maniel. Yes, in the blink of an eye, all is changed, changed utterly. The old switcheroo. Just like that.

I have tried to not rate Danny Welbeck for a number of seasons but every time I try, I:

  1. End up rating him
  2. See ways in which he could be far better utilized
  3. Like him a bit more as a guy

I love Giroud but I think he’s very limited. We all know what he does well. And he’s self-sacrificing. He’s all about the team. As many or most of us have said along the way, “it’s not his fault.” He would make a perfect #2, backup option, alternative, Plan B. And he will do in the future.

It’s tough. But…you snooze, you lose.

I actually really like Sanogo. But, man is he raw. He should be our #3 or #4. He needs a couple of years. And some competition. Well, that’s just been addressed in my opinion.

It’s tough. But…you snooze, you lose.

And what of Alexis as Center Forward. I have to believe that’s an experiment Arsene is dying to try out but it’s not ready for prime time. And it may no longer be a priority for us.

But what of Danny Welbeck? Three things must you know of Danny Welbeck. First, the fucker is faaast. Second, he has decent touch, good skills, good linkup play. Third, he’s physical, he’s up for it, he’s tall, he throws himself about, he will run his legs off, he will smother their DM, press, press, press. Fourth, he’s hungry, he’s got a great attitude, and he too is all about the team. Fifth, Ferguson rated him very highly. Sixth, Meulensteen rated him very highly, and can’t believe United let him go, but thinks he’ll do very well for us. Seventh, Smudger Smith rates him highly and thinks he’s just what we need.

Ok. Seven things must you know about Danny Welbeck. And rising.

Oh! Eight things. He’s English. Adds to a core of Theo, Ox, Jack, Chambers, Gibbs, and the honorary members, Ramsey and Szczesny. And Danny Crowley will soon come piling through.

Arsene has a plan. Even if it’s not your plan. Or anyone else’s plan.

When was the last time we had a superfast striker, with good skills, big physique, who wasn’t a complete dick, and at just the right age to light it up…23 years old. 24 in November.

It’s not hard to see what Arsene sees in this move. It ticks sooo many boxes and solves so many problems. And the player fits. He just fits.

Why Did United Sell Him?

So if Welbeck is so great, how come United sold him? Well, United have an Alpha Male problem – Rooney/RvP. Big egos, big money, but it’s not working. So, bring in a 3rd Alpha Male – Falcao with a bigger ego, bigger money. van Gaal could give a crap that Welbeck has been in United’s Academy since he was eight ie 2001!! I strongly believe SAF brought in RvP to push Rooney out and leave United with RvP and a maturing Welbeck. But Moyes bottled it, and ended up strengthening Rooney’s hand. United’s troubles are Arsenal’s opportunity.

I think United have really fucked up here.

But We Needed A DM

Was a striker the signing we needed? I can respect those who wanted to see a CB and a DM coming in. I saw many saying that that was where we need reinforcements, rather than up front. But let’s be honest: That’s a little boring, isn’t it. Where’s the glamour in that? Where’s the pizzazz? Any club can strengthen their defensive options. Zzzzzz.

Yes, we could have done all three. I know. We could have balanced our squad. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, I nodded off again. You were saying? Oh yes, balance. Zzzzzzzz.

Listen, you might be the type to ask Mary for her phone number at the disco cos she seems like a nice girl. But I’m letting crazy Katie take me back to her place now that I’ve heard she’s misplaced her anti-psychotic meds. That’s how I role.

Who do you think Ozil and Alexis were googling yesterday evening. The DM and CB names floated for us? Nah. The were youtubing the Welbz. And loving it.

Imagine of we can look back in a couple of years and laugh at the RvP transfer because in the end, we got a class striker at the perfect age for 5+ seasons. And they got 1 season from RvP.

And 16m, interestingly the same as Liverpool paid for Balotelli. I think we have every chance of looking back in 3 years and saying we got by far the better return, without all the bullshit.

But his stats, you say. Welbeck’s stats! His stats don’t necessarily show what you think they show. Yes, his completion rate isn’t very exciting…when he’s played out of position. But when played as a CF, his stats compare to Sturridge. And Welbeck is 23, and was continually messed around and played out of position, for which Sir Alex apologized to him.

Put him under Arsene’s wing, surround him with Ozil, Alexis, Santi, Ramsey and Jack. Oh, and Theo. And then light the fuse.