50 Shades of Blue. Starring John Terry.

MATURE RATING: First off, here is a warning before you read this blog. It is rude, crude, lewd and offensive. You have been warned. This was NOT a joke. You have been warned… Continue reading

Prediction: Wenger Will Get His Pep For His Replacement

There has been much twittery about the succession of Arsene over the last 12 months since Steve Bould was brought in as assistant manager while the ever tantalizing Pep Guardiola butterfly has yet… Continue reading

Partying Like it’s 1999. Defending like it’s 2011.

Oh, wasn’t Sunday marvelous. There was so much to enjoy, and not least the fact that we, in Goonerland, saw ourselves as at least co-favourites before the match. Just take that in for… Continue reading

Lukas, Je Ne Regrette Rien

We swore we would not fall in love again. Many of us had foresworn it. @littledutchva cautioned us in the strongest way to love the club and to love the shirt but to… Continue reading

On Randomness: Schminjury-Prone Players and Schmental Strength

A new season. A strong squad. Is there any chance we can stay calm and positive for a few weeks while we watch this team click into gear? No?! I thought not. This… Continue reading

A One Man Team, Arteta-Style

Follow @poznaninmypants Arsenal are fast becoming a one man team again. I was inspired by a few things to finish off this blog that I had half-written over the summer, starting with the… Continue reading

They Say We’re A Selling Club. But We Are The Carthaginians Of Football!

Follow @poznaninmypants . Before we get into the meat of today’s blog ie “Are We A Selling Club” I want to jump ahead to a theme further down the blog: Arsenal’s Teutonic Dimension… Continue reading

The Poldi: New Currency Unit

Follow @poznaninmypants . The Poldi – A New Unit Of Currency: þ So according to @AFCAMDEN RvP is off. And according to @migueldelaney the offer is 20m, straight, no Wellbeck trade. Take it or MUFC… Continue reading

Are You Shitting Me?!

Follow @PoznanInMyPants Worthy Adversaries Muhammad Ali had Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Sugar Ray Leonard had Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns and Marvin Hagler. Ahab lost his leg to Moby Dick. David faced Goliath. Montgomery fought Rommel… Continue reading

Wenger Gets His Midget

Follow @PoznanInMyPants I have determined that there are 3 phenomena relating to the arrival (or departure) of a star to the team. These are: 1. The Ewing Rule 2. The Reverse Ewing – Inferiore… Continue reading