FergBeth, Ferglet, Fergello or King Fearg?

I was following Miguel Delaney’s (@MiguelDelaney) TL over the weekend, a journalist I FULLY respect. Miguel has a history with Man United and has good contacts and certainly seems to have their pulse… Continue reading

Revolting Supporters Suffering from ‘Pitchfork Elbow’

It’s been a stressful last week or so for us Gooners. Everytime you turn around there’s an Open Letter from someone looking to “spin” the supporters and the media. Therefore, I thought I… Continue reading

Amy, Amy, Amy. Whatever will we do with you?

Fellow Gooners, over the last couple of days, I kept seeing this article being retweeted and referred to. Lots of people, including Tim Payton of the AST no less, were saying how once… Continue reading

The Horse Robin Rode In On

Right, I’m done talking about Robin. But, that horse of his… The Horse Robin Rode In On Arsenal supporters are united in searching all over town to locate the horse that Robin rode… Continue reading

Caramello Man

I had a dream last night. It was 2016. I was watching Arsenal vs Manchester United at the Emirates. Wilshere and Chamberlain had played their socks off but still lost 3-2. The Home… Continue reading

England In Trouble? Call 1-800-ARSENAL4THEO

THEO X Unleashed So, I was 100% sure I would not be blogging about the Euros. I’m only interested in blogging about things Arsenal. Also, my relationship with the English National Team holds… Continue reading

How To Raise A Gooner

IT IS TIME WE RAISED A NEW GENERATION OF GOONERS Imprinting On Your Club Now bear with me on this… You know that bit in Twilight when Jacob imprints on Bella’s new baby.… Continue reading

What Has Wenger Ever Done For Us? (The AST Survey)

And Why Can’t John Cross Be More Like Darren Lewis? So the latest Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST) Survey is out. And John Cross has done a write-up on it in the Mirror. Why… Continue reading

Beware! Don’t Name Those Rats.

I learned some great lessons from the Summer jobs I took as a kid. I got a job one Summer with one of the more poorly run animal testing labs, a company called… Continue reading

We Wear The White Hats.

When I was a kid, we would stay after school to play football. Some days, there might be 12 of us, an even number! Cool, that works. 6 vs 6. That’s fair. But… Continue reading